• Research
  • The ultimate goal of our research is to understand the regulatory circuitry of the host defense system against infection. Every living organism’s ability to properly respond to external challenge depends on the genetic information encoded in its genome and on signaling cascades that activate appropriate transcription factors for spatial/temporal gene. Genome encodes the blueprints of every possible circuitry, yet condition, or cell type specific circuits emerged from the multiple protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions, activated by intrinsic/extrinsic signal-specific signaling pathways.
    In particular, our research interest lies in bio-circuitry that governs recognition and strategic cope plan against pathogen-originated molecular patterns. Metazoans have developed a sophisticated defense system against intracellular or extracellular pathogens, involving interplay between diverse immune-immune or immune-non-immune cell interactions. However, due to their cellular diversity, dynamics, and system complexity, it is extremely difficult to accurately characterize the regulatory modules and molecular switches that govern the cellular homeostasis against pathogenic infection.
    Our current & future research aim on the characterization, utilization, and engineering of signaling machinery and the transcriptional circuitry of the defense system against infection